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Updated: Oct 1

It always takes a bit of time to move through the initial resistance to therapy. For this reason, I offer a three-session start-up package for reduced fees to people who are dedicated to furthering self-growth beyond their first therapy session.

Therapy, at its best, models healthy attachment and loving bonding, so that you can explore what a deep and honest connection feels like. In therapy, you can also explore what feels healthy and what feels unhealthy in your real-life relationships.

Sharing deeply and building a connection in therapy sessions supports gradual and sustainable change over time. Through our therapeutic alliance, my hope is that you can deepen your self-understanding, find innovative ways to heal your emotional pain and feel the safety and relief of unburdening your struggles in a loving atmosphere of warmth, acceptance and respect.

Dedicated Time for Your Emotional Healing

3 Session Therapy Start-Up Package

If you have not seen me before, I invite you to pre-purchase a discounted 3 session therapy bundle. Please book a free 15-minute consult prior to paying to ensure suitability.

Book Your Therapy Packages HERE

Please consider your package choice carefully. Packages must be prepaid and are non-refundable. You have up to one year to use all of your sessions.

Please see the duration suggestions at the bottom of the Therapy package page to decide on your preferred frequency for therapy.

*Insurance receipts will be issued after each session is complete.

One-Hour Sessions

A one-hour therapy session covers a lot of ground and there is the time at the end for a summation of what we covered, and goal setting and planning going forward. The time used for scheduling appointments, payment and administrative tasks never cut into your therapy hour and occur before or after your hour.

Telephone or Skype/Zoom Counselling

I have been doing online therapy for years and it is very effective. And, you do not have to get in your car to come to your appointment! Video counselling is available all over the world. I can do telephone therapy in Canada and in the USA.

This is also often a preferred choice for local clients who live in remote locations or when a

If you are interested in phone or online counselling, please contact me to book a complimentary 15-minute telephone or video consultation to determine suitability.

Session Frequency for Therapy Packages

People often ask, “How often do I need to come for therapy?” To help you determine this, it is important to consider the rate of change you are seeking. It is also helpful to know that you do not have to feel emotionally terrible in order for a counselling session to be deeply worthwhile. It is often an opportune time to rationally explore long-held negative patterns when you are feeling emotionally clearer.

I suggest four frequency options to help you make the choice that is right for you. I am also happy to make a specific recommendation for you or can collaborate with you on other frequency options that you feel would work better.

Pre-booking and Scheduling

My practice is busy. I recommend pre-booking appointments two weeks ahead of time to avoid extended gaps between sessions. Such gaps may affect your progress and the satisfaction you receive from counselling.

Free Consult Prior to booking an initial session, you are welcome to book a 15-minute consultation to help ensure a good therapeutic fit for a session package. Consultations are available by phone, video prior to your initial session.

Initial Session Your first therapy session will typically include a discussion of the issues that bring you to counselling and your related feelings and thoughts. Your first session is a time for establishing our connection and for you to share your personal story.

You will be invited to set some goals for your counselling package duration. You are always encouraged to share your feedback about each counselling session. I also invite you to "try out" undeveloped aspects of yourself in connection with me. All parts of you are welcome to express.

Second Session We begin with a brief review of your last therapy session, attend to any pressing issues, and further clarify your goals for counselling. Together, we will develop a plan for achieving these goals and begin to look deeper into the mental and emotional patterns that are not working well for you.

For best results, the actions you take outside your regular session time will greatly aid your emotional healing process. I will offer some suggestions for daily practice for a change, and I always invite you to intuit your own emotional wellness practices. Planning together for your positive change outside of session time amplifies accountability and encouragement.

Subsequent Sessions Emotional struggles and life issues, as you identify and experience them, are discussed in further depth and detail in each subsequent session. Together we unravel your tangled emotions, painful thinking and maladaptive behavioural patterns to make sense as to why they are stuck.

Progress in meeting your goals is reviewed regularly, and gains and strengths are regularly celebrated. I will help you sort out and understand the "landscape" of your emotions and together we will examine what new positive life changes your negative emotions are indicating you should travel towards.

When is My Counselling Complete? Sessions are complete when the issues that you came to counselling for have been sufficiently addressed or resolved. Ideally this is determined with some discussion in advance of leaving, however, I fully support any reason you may have for terminating therapy. Should you identify a problem outside of my realm of expertise, I will do my best offer you referrals to other therapists.

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