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Therapy Homework

At the end of your therapy session, we will typically discuss whether you would like to do some therapy homework. Engaging in therapy homework (at my suggestion or at your own choosing) will support you to deepen into and document your inner journey between therapy sessions.

Examples of Therapy Homework

~ Journaling

~ Recording your nighttime dreams

~ Creating expressive art

~ Writing a poem

~ Completing therapy worksheets that I offer

~ Writing letters to people (that you may or may not send)

~ Setting up and attending to a new meditation practice

~ Making a list of what inspires you.

~ Creating goal lists.

~ Documenting key insights between your sessions

~ Reading a book that relates your therapy process

Benefits of Doing Therapy Homework

Continued Growth: The time in-between each therapy session can vary. You might prefer to meet weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc., yet matter what the time frame, having something to work on until your next session can greatly amplify your personal growth.

Extra Emotional Processing: Writing in a journal, creating a collage, or completing a therapy worksheet, for example, is a great way to continue your emotional processing before we meet again.

Practice New Skills: As you learn new skills in your therapy sessions, you might want to practice your new behaviours and skills in your relationships or in your personal life. As you try new things outside of therapy, you are welcome to document your experiences in an email or a Google doc.

Accountability: It can be difficult to follow through on new knowledge, skills and growth goals on your own, so completing and submitting therapy homework to me can help you to have an accountability partner.

Guidelines For Submitting Homework

There are two ways to submit your therapy homework prior to your next session.

1. Email

Two Short Emails: If you would like to email me pictures of your art, writing or poetry etc, you are welcome to send me two short emails between your sessions.

One Longer Email: If you would like to consolidate your expressive art and writing into one longer email between your sessions, please feel welcome.

2. A Consolidated Document

Google or Word Doc - Your therapy homework is for your personal growth so you might choose to do a great deal of inner growth work between sessions. If you are prolific with your therapy homework, it is best to keep one Google or Word doc with your art, writing, dreams and insights.

My Session Prep

I will email you back within 24 hours to let you know I have received your therapy homework. I will copy your homework into my therapy notes and study the homework you have done prior to your next session. Please submit your emails, docs and artwork photos at least an hour before your next session.

With much care,



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