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Therapy Sessions

A Depth-Oriented Approach to Supervision
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Extended Sessions

There are many reasons to book an extended therapy session:

1. You may have a big problem or conundrum that needs more time and space to work through.

2. You are holding complicated or recent grief and need more time to share.

3. You are in extreme inner pain, and need a longer container of relational empathy to sort it out.

6. You need to focus on yourself for a longer period of time. See Inner Relationship Focusing HERE.

7. You want to sort out conflicting parts of self because you feel stuck, frozen, or unable to move forward on your own.


8. You would like to have a longer period of time to work creatively with me. See Creative Expression in your sessions HERE

9. You would like to deepen into your subconscious mind through regression hypnotherapy. See hypnotherapy sessions HERE.

Purchase A 90 Minute Session
$225 CAD
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Counselling & Hypnotherapy
  • I'm a licensed and insured member of the Association of Cooperative Counsellors of Canada (ACCT) as a Masters level counsellor. (MTC)

  • I'm a certified Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist - Trauma Specialist  (C.Hyp) 

Expressive Arts
  • I'm a Registered Consultant and Educator with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.(REACE)

  • Visit for more information and courses.

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