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© 2019 by Shelley Klammer. 

Depth Therapy


Welcoming you to therapy that is collaborative, non-pathologizing, depth-oriented, and strictly confidential.


And, a warm-hearted relational process that supports you to accept, express, regulate, make sense of and transform your painful emotions into powerful self-confidence.

I am a non-normative counsellor. I will never encourage you to "norm and conform" to outside standards. that do not resonate for you.

What is Emotional Healing?

It is so easy to get caught in a maze of painful emotional patterns and not know how to create change.


A dedicated period of therapy can support you to understand and change what bothers you on a deeper level than you could figure out on your own.


When you are caught in cyclical patterns of pain, therapy can save you years of time, and get you on the fast track to a healthy, happy, confident life.


As a counsellor, I support emotional healing in a way that is deep, insightful, kind, loving, intuitive and often even fun! When you understand and release what is holding you down, you will feel freer to express and enjoy who you really are.


Support for:

  • Grief & loss 

  • Anxiety & depression

  • Chronic emotional & physical pain

  • Trauma & abuse

  • Boundary uncertainties

  • Shame & self-rejection

  • Self-expression inhibitions & social isolation

  • Family & relationship challenges

  • Workaholism & burnout

  • Career & life direction dilemmas

  • Narcissistic abuse & dependency issues

  • Spiritual emergency & crisis of meaning

  • Health crisis & end of life review

I welcome clients who consider themselves creative, multidimensional, spiritual, empathic, introverted, deep thinking and/or highly sensitive and emotional (prone to overstimulation, anxiety and depression.) 


My online counselling space is one of warmth, acceptance and safety. I am often told that I bring a deep level of calm, comfort, intuition and empathy to the therapy process.


Book a Session

See Session Packages for reduced fees

With 24/7 online scheduling, your choice of session fees, and the ease of connecting through phone or video therapy in the comfort of your own home, therapy has never been easier. 


I warmly invite you to schedule a free, no obligation 15-minute phone or video therapy consultation. I look forward to supporting you on your healing path.

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