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Preparing for Your Therapy Consult

When you do your psychological and emotional work in isolation, it can be challenging to see yourself clearly. Seeking support in therapy, while being an investment of money, can save you time.

Investing time and money in a therapeutic relationship supports you to more quickly identify and heal painful patterns of thought and emotion that are difficult to see alone.

Guidelines for Your Initial Consult

1. Before your consultation, please read, "What is Depth Therapy?"

2. I will initiate our phone or video appointment at our scheduled time. If you feel like you need less time than 15 minutes, please let me know when you feel complete with our connection.

3. During your free 15-minute consultation, I welcome you to share what you are seeking in a therapeutic alliance with me.

4. Your free consult is a casual chat where we can both sense into whether it feels right to work together either now or in the future. Please note: your therapy consult is not meant to be an advice-giving or learning session.

5. I want you to have an experience of therapy that feels right for you. There is no obligation to continue on with paid sessions after our initial meeting.

6. If I feel that I cannot serve you best, I will offer helpful suggestions. I might, for example, suggest other methods of therapy that could work better for you.

Please Note: This is a meet & greet for people seeking therapy only.

With care,


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