What You Can Expect

1. Connection and guidance in your art-making process.

2. Deeper insights into your creative process than you would find when creating alone.

3. An amplification of inspiration for your creative process.

4. Enjoyment of the creative process in dialogue with another.

5. A deeper experience of the intuitive art process.

6. Safe, professional guidance in the expressive arts.

7. A creative exploration as to how your emotional pain blocks your highest self-expression.

8. Intuitive insights from outside of your personal mind and access to greater inspiration than you might access through thought alone.

9. The "felt" understanding your emotions in visual form.

10. New ways to describe your feelings through spontaneous art and wordplay.

Creative Expression in a Therapy Session

The Process: If you would like to do some short expressive art exercises in your therapy session, I am happy to facilitate this for you in a way that is a different from art therapy. Typically, an art therapist would facilitate art-making for most of your session and talk about what you have created near the end of your session. The sessions that I offer are different from art therapy sessions, and I facilitate short exercises to spark the therapeutic conversation.


During your session time, I will facilitate 1-3 short expressive arts exercises that can support you to tap into your right brain so that we can deepen our conversation.


Expressive Arts Exercises: Each session, spontaneously created in the moment might include short collage, poetry, storytelling, painting or drawing exercises. You can let me know what feels best for you, but all the creative invitations that I offer do not require prior art or writing experience.


Art Materials: Please bring a pen, journal, sketchbook or paper. Also bring 3 magazines, a glue stick, scissors, black and coloured markers, oil pastels, watercolour paints, brushes and water.


Typically, in session time, we can explore your higher visions for your life, and what is holding you back from actualizing them, or we can explore a deeper connection to your emotional pain.


All art sessions are done on Skype, Zoom or Face Time.

  • I'm a registered and insured member of the Association of Cooperative Counsellors of Canada (ACCT) as a Masters level counsellor. (MTC)

  • I'm a Registered Counselling Supervisor with ACCT. (RCS)

Expressive Arts
  • I'm a Registered Consultant and Educator with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. (REACE)

  • I teach expressive art internationally online. See