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Cultivating Your Depth of Awareness

To enrich your depth of awareness, I encourage you to track your inner life between your therapy sessions by keeping daily notes that track your significant dreams, emotions, and life events. Please have your notes available to share in your sessions.

It is helpful to carry a small dedicated journal with you throughout your day, as often insights about your next growth steps will arise around the "edges" of your normal awareness, and you can easily miss the subtle signals that are the keys to your highest unfolding.

What to pay attention to between therapy sessions:

1. Each day of your life will have a particular emotional tone or theme. See if you can name the overall theme of your day in your journal.

2. Pay attention to annoyance, irritation or even anger in your daily life. Track what bothers you about your life and other people.

3. Notice what stands out sharply in your awareness each day, and particularly note signs, symbols, metaphors or phrases that catch your awareness more than 2 or 3 times.

5. Notice what you are desiring. What are you longing for on a consistent basis?

6. Write down any unusual or mysterious dreams.

7. Notice what thoughts, songs, mantras or ideas are repeating in your mind.

8. Write down intuitive inklings or anything that pops into your mind that is out of the ordinary.

9. Notice if random memories pop into your mind. Memories, even if they seem unimportant or mundane, are especially important as they will often indicate what is needing to heal next.

To deepen your awareness, experiment with living in a state of deep curiosity. Life is a magical mirror of your inner workings, and when you start to notice it deeply it will inform you as to how you can heal and grow!

For more specific journaling guidance please read: How to Start a Daily Depth Journal.

With love,



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