Benefits of Long Term Therapy

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

It is so easy to get caught in a maze of negative emotional patterns. A dedicated period of therapy can support you to understand what bothers you on a deeper level than you might be able to figure out on your own. Sometimes therapy can save you years of time circling within a confusing maze of emotional pain and anxiety. As a counsellor, I support emotional healing in a way that is deep, kind, intuitive and often even fun! When you understand and release what is holding you down, you will feel lighter.

Usually, people come into therapy with a "pressing problem" that they cannot solve on their own. Unravelling life's challenging dilemmas and untangling pervasive emotional anxiety and distress requires a dedicated period of inner work so that you can wisely, compassionately and safely soften into understanding the thoughts, events, and circumstances that create your pain.

Regular therapy involves dedicating yourself to a positive change process. When your old ways of doing things are not working anymore, emotion-focused therapy investigates your family of origin and your painful emotional triggers. Understanding how your particular nervous system operates and seeing where you self-ignore and self-reject will help you discover how you perpetuate your emotional pain. Most of our emotional pain is caused by limited subconscious beliefs, unprocessed and misunderstood life circumstances, and wounds and losses from our primary relationships. Emotional healing involves cultivating profound self-acceptance by integrating neglected, forgotten or habitually rejected aspects of self. Because we are often the last to recognize our own blind spots, it is helpful to have an accepting and experienced counsellor to guide you through your emotional healing process. ​Key insights for deep change make themselves known within 4-8 weeks of dedicated therapy. As a therapist, I offer gentle ways to get to the root of your emotional pain, as dictated by the timing and rhythms of your nervous system. Your current life challenges, circumstances, and relationships provide all the clues we need to get to the root of why it often feels so difficult to permanently change for the better.

Once we know the subconscious limitations that are negatively running your life, we can then focus on the truthful "reprogramming" of your emotions, mind, and body to reveal the person you are meant to be. It is also helpful to understand that you do not need to be in terrible emotional pain in order to attend regular therapy sessions. Often, the "happier" sessions provide the most personal insight. Our minds are always more open to inspired directions for change when we are not in so much emotional pain.

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