Emotional Check-In Exercise

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You might be going through your life feeling numb, distracted or out of touch with how you feel inside. This is very common.

If you have a hard time identifying how you feel, here is a great daily check-in exercise that you can track in your journal each day from David I. Rome, the author of "Your Body Knows the Answer."

If you easily abandon yourself when you are with other people, you will likely find this exercise very helpful. You can do this exercise in your journal or in your mind several times during the day. This emotional check-in exercise invites your deeper self-knowing by repeating one question three times.

Noticing "Something"

1. Begin by simply asking yourself, "How am I?" Say whatever comes to mind. "I am fine...tired...sad...happy...excited and write it down in your journal.

2. Now ask yourself, "But how am I really? This time, ignore any words that arise quickly. Instead, hold in mind the question, "How am I really? Allow there to be a gap, and sense into your body with an attitude of friendly attending.

3. Do not answer from your head - that would be what you already know. Look for a response to the question in your body. Find that unclear sense of "something." You might sense a strong sensation in a part of your body. You might see images, colours or symbols. Furthermore, you might hear music or words.

4. Don't rush. Go slow. Stay present. Be a friendly witness to what comes - even when nothing comes.

5. At first, feelings tend to be quite shy. They are not used to being seen and need time to feel safe enough to show themselves.

6. When you notice something, simply welcome it and be with it, and do not look for anything else to happen right away. Write down what you are experiencing.

7. After a while, ask for a third time, "How am I really?" and notice if the feeling alters, becomes clearer or disappears. Write down your felt-sense impression in your journal.

7. At any point in this process, you may experience a fresh insight, or something unexpected. These qualities come with a sense of Oh! or Aha! or Now I see! Make a note of your deeper insights in your journal.

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