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Journal Prompt #5 - Resolving Anger

Anger will arise when you feel you have been thwarted or wronged. Anger is an emotional response to a grievance that is real or imagined. Imagined anger can have origins in the past hurts. Imagined anger can also be projected into the future.

Anger occurs when frustration builds. Anger can be passive or aggressive. Passive anger is inwardly directed and expresses itself through sulking, withdrawing or distancing. When you become aggressively angry you will lash out verbally or physically. Anger that is unexamined and unexpressed can negatively affect your health and your relationships. Anger can quickly incite you to inquiry more deeply into what is creating it in the first place. Interestingly, breathing and relaxation techniques, mindfulness, stress management techniques can suppress the healthy awareness of anger. The key to healing anger is to get to the root emotional cause.

Journal Exercise

Write an uncensored "attack and blame" letter about everything that makes you feel angry right now. Be free and honest in your writing, and we can get down to your anger's origins together.

With love,


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