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Journal Prompt # 4 - Resolving Frustration

When you cannot resolve the impatience about not getting you want, your impatience will turn into frustration. When your goals do not materialize, or when you do not get your physical, financial or emotional needs met, your frustration will grow.

You will likely feel frustrated when something seems to block your progress. Frustration arises when something seems to be blocking your goals and dreams. And, the bigger your dreams and goals, the greater your disparity and frustration can become. When you do not recognize your deeper emotional needs, you might tend to put a great deal of effort towards emotionally-driven dreams and goals, yet the returns and results are will not be equal to your efforts. Your frustration creates a "forcing current" that often pushes what you want even further away. Often "compensatory" dreams and goals are underpinned by unexamined emotional needs, that when met, would allow your true dreams to flow effortlessly towards you. It can take great practice to bring something new into your life, while you accept the way things are at the same time.

Journal Exercise

Frustration is clear sign that you have discordant internal programming not matching with your goals and plans, or you are trying to force things to happen in your life in order to feel better emotionally. 1. List all the things you are frustrated with in your life right now. 2. Beside each frustration, identify the emotional need that is underpinning your frustration.

Looking forward to discussing this with you in your session.

With love,


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