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Journal Prompt #1 - Resolving Resistance

Resistance arises when it feels hard to face the truth about something. You might feel resistant to changing a destructive behaviour. Or you might feel resistant to talking about certain things.

Resistance indicates that you are getting close to a breakthrough in your growth. Resistance arises when your defence system is preventing you from revisiting a deeper hurt, for the fear of the temporary pain it might cause. Resistance will keep you from accessing a tender, hurting place inside that needs your loving attention. Your resistance can be a protection device that keeps your wounded thoughts and emotions from the past from being reopened for healing. Your resistance forms the walls of your comfort zone, so that you can continue to keep your emotional pain safely tucked inside, away from light, air, love and attention. Within this comfort zone it is difficult to grow. The longer you hold onto your resistance to healing the hurt, the more your emotional pain will accumulate over time, and the smaller your world becomes. Fearful resistance limits your expansion. You likely have a great deal of stored emotional pain inside that some therapists call, "unfinished business." Yet, deeper than your resistance is something that hurts and is crying out for loving attention. Once this hurt is paid attention to, it will grow and shift into something more positive and life-affirming. Journal Exercise:

What are you currently avoiding in your life? You might consider areas such as your relationships, career, money, intimacy and friendships. Write a list of all things you are resisting in your life right now, and share it with me during your session. Together, we can explore what you are afraid of, what you believe, and what kinds of fears are holding you back from living your best life.

With love,


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