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How To Release Negative Emotions

Letting go of what emotionally weighs you down is central to the healing process. Releasing emotional pain is not easy, and it can feel overwhelming in the beginning. Keep your journaling and meditation sessions short to start, until you get used to holding kind and accepting presence with your emotional pain.

Journal Process

1. Cultivate Awareness of Your Emotional Pain

Notice what you are thinking as you feel a negative emotion. The thoughts about what you are feeling are the easiest to notice first. Once you write down your negative thoughts, it will become apparent why you are suffering

In Your Journal: Write down your inner dialogue. Become aware of what you are feeling and notice where in your body you are feeling it and write it down.

2. Set the Intention to Heal

Whenever you set the intention to emotionally heal, you will start a process that will activate and reveal everything that is blocking your healing. This can compel you to shift your relationships, your emotions, your thoughts and your behaviours.

In Your Journal: Pay attention to the small changes you need to make each day by asking:

1. What is my next practical life step?

2. What is my next emotional healing step?

3. What is my next creative/spiritual growth step?

​2. Take Responsibility for Your Pain

Take full responsibility for your emotional pain, even you do not have any memory of bringing it into existence. Consider that, on a very deep level, your external reality is a mirror of your inner world. What bothers you on the outside is yours to heal on the inside. This will help you access the power to change.

In Your Journal: Write down..."I am responsible for feeling..."

Meditation Process

3. Surrender To Your Pain

Rushing and pushing yourself through your emotional healing process will create resistance. Emotional healing can not be forced. Softening and surrendering to your pain will greatly aid your healing process.

Meditation: Close your eyes and soften your heart and body.

4. Hold Kind Space for Your pain

Stay present in your discomfort. Just sit with it without pushing it away or trying to control it. With complete acceptance, you will notice that the pain will eventually shift. Initially, it might intensify or soften.

Meditation: Stay with your emotional pain in a nurturing, motherly way. Your kind presence is all that is required.

​5. Communicate With Your Negative Emotion

As you tune into a negative emotion, check in and ask if it is ready to be released. Always ask, and wait for a response. If you hear a "no" ask if it is possible to release 10% of the pain, blockage or discomfort. Once you experience the ability to release a small amount of pain, it will be much easier to release more later.

Meditation: Ask if your pain if it is ready to be released. If not, ask if a small amount is ready to release. Imagine some or all of your emotional pain leaving your body.

6. Ask for Spiritual Help

If you feel connected to a spiritual source, ask for support. And, even if you have strong faith, know that you still have to be with the emotional pain, and accept it completely before you can release it. Sometimes the pain will stay for a good while before it is ready to go.

Meditation: If you cannot feel a shift, ask or pray for an emotional release at a time that will best serve you. Spend a few minutes in complete surrender before you open your eyes.

With love,



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