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Making the Decision to Change

Engaging in therapy is a positive change process. Yet, there is some decision-making that leads up to making a positive change. Depth therapy can gently support you to lead up to making a healthy change in a gentle, kind and patient way.

In the therapy process, consider that you will move through the following stages of change: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination. I invite you to contemplate a change you want to make and assess where you are in your change process below.

The following theory of change operates on the assumption that people do not change quickly. Developed by Prochaska and DiClemente in the late 1970s, the Transtheoretical Model describes the process leading up to making a permanent change.

Pre-contemplation - In this stage, you do not intend to take action in the foreseeable future (defined as within the next 6 months). At this stage, you will be mostly unaware that your behaviour is problematic or that it is producing negative consequences. At this stage, you will underestimate the benefits of changing your behaviour and place too much emphasis on the detriments of changing your behaviour.

Contemplation - At this stage, you will be intending to start a behaviour change in the foreseeable future (within the next 6 months). At this stage, you recognize that your behaviour may be problematic. You will also more thoughtfully consider the pros and cons of changing this problematic behaviour with equal emphasis on both pros and cons. Sitting right in the middle of the pros and cons of a behavioural change you will feel ambivalent about making a change.

Preparation (Determination) - In this stage, you will be getting ready to take action within the next 30 days. You will start to take small steps toward the behaviour change and will believe that changing your behaviour will lead to a healthier life.

Action - In this stage, you will have recently changed your behaviour (within the last 6 months) and intend to keep moving forward with this behaviour change.

Maintenance - At this stage, you will have sustained your behaviour change for more than 6 months and intend to maintain this healthy behaviour change going forward. At the maintenance stage, you will have to work to prevent relapse to earlier stages.

Termination - At this stage, you will have no desire to return to unhealthy behaviours and are sure you will not relapse into your former unhealthy ways. At this stage, your change is complete.

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