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How to Watch Your Thoughts

“One of the most difficult things I ever did was learn to support myself through my whole range of emotional experiences without running away.”

~ Vironika Tugalev

Consider that out of 100 thoughts, 99 of your thoughts will typically go unobserved. This unawareness causes emotional suffering. So a wonderful way to emotionally support yourself is to watch your thoughts.

Your thoughts will express your unhealed human experiences, so watching them is a fruitful practice. As your mind slows down through kind and careful witnessing, there will be more gaps between your thoughts, and you will be able to better emotionally see and support yourself.

How to Watch Your Thoughts

1. Relax: Breathe deeply, close your eyes, and start watching your thoughts as they arise.

2. Detach: Do not judge your thoughts. Pretend you are watching someone else's mind. Watch your thoughts as if they do not belong to you so that you do not get emotionally triggered.

3. Sit in the Gap: As you relax and pay attention to your thoughts without judging them, they will eventually slow down, and you will find the silent space between your thoughts. Sitting in this silent witnessing space will support your emotional life to unravel and heal.

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