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End of Life


Life Review

Having worked at the end of life in healthcare for ten years, I am sensitively aware of the need for a life review, secret sharing, inner conflict resolution, trauma reconciliation, and caring human contact when nearing the end of your life's journey.

Available worldwide via video or phone, I am here to compassionately help you sort out your multifaceted life, celebrate your wins, and grieve your losses. If you feel like laughing, praying, dream sharing, writing poems or painting pictures, I can facilitate that too.

I can suggest many creative ways to process your life and leave a legacy, but most of all, end-of-life therapy is about us deeply listening to you, and honouring your important life.

  • I'm a licensed and insured member of the Association of Cooperative Counsellors of Canada (ACCT) as a Masters level counsellor. (MTC)

  • I'm a Registered Counselling Supervisor with ACCT. (RCS)

Expressive Arts
  • I'm a Registered Consultant and Educator with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. (REACE)

  • I teach expressive art internationally online. See

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