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Supervision for Therapists and Facilitators

All therapists are encouraged to complete professional development and supervision as part of their ongoing professional practices. If you are an Expressive Arts Facilitator my service will support your facilitation practice.
Through the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada I am designated to offer registered supervision to competency-based counsellors in Canada, as well as to expressive arts therapists and art therapists registered with ACCT.
Supervision is known internationally as an essential practice for ongoing competency development and is an important way to verify the competency standards of ethical care. 
Keeping in line with industry trends, all therapists are recommended to attain monthly supervision during their first 1000 direct client contact hours, and ongoing supervision throughout their career.
For ACCT Counsellors the requirements for new counsellors are 50 hours for your first 1000 direct client hours, with a minimum of 8 hours of supervision per year, over a period of five years of practice. As an alternative practitioner - you are welcome to choose your own hours.


Your First Years of Practice
My focus as a supervisor is to support and warmly encourage counsellors, facilitators and alternative practitioners to begin their practice aligned with their authentic style. I offer process oriented supervision rather than academic focused supervision, and I specialize in online service delivery via Skype and phone to support helping professionals find and anchor their original offering in their practice.

1 Hour Supervision Session

$100 CAD

The Monthly Supervision Process that I offer includes: 

 1. Review of client cases, or in the initial stages, understanding what kinds of clients that you want to work with, and how to design a personal growth plan that best supports you to confidently deliver your work to others. 

2. Engagement in your own emotional healing as it will/or does affect your client cases. This can include deep personal sharing and emotional processing during your session. 

3. Core-competency counselling skill/facilitation development, use of wellness practices, understanding and elucidating your unique scope of modalities, private practice development, learning how to take good progress notes, understanding counsellor/facilitator and client ethics, power, and group dynamics, and relational boundaries will be explored.  

4. Monthly homework, as well as guided and self-directed learning in areas of your therapy/coaching practice that you want to gain confidence in.  

5. A deeply caring, encouraging approach to supervision that fits your unique interests and learning goals. 


Supervision Services


Those interested in attaining my supervision services include:
1. Competency-based counsellors in Canada who have just completed their course studies, and are looking to find their "original voice" in the counselling profession.
2. Expressive arts facilitators worldwide who want to combine art and/or intuition with ethical, empowering service delivery. I also supervise facilitators seeking a REACE designation with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.
3. Counsellors who want to implement creative modalities and/or intuitive/transpersonal/depth psychology as part of their therapeutic framework.

 4. Counsellors who are in the process of attaining experience in a professional capacity, and want to deeply explore their personal emotional dynamics as they relate to client cases.
6. Counsellors who are working through initial or ongoing doubts about the practical and emotional challenges of setting up a therapy business, and who want to share honestly about the inevitable insecurities of starting a therapy practice.
7. Counsellors currently seeing clients who want to see their inner life as a mirror of their outer life in their therapy practice - as well as see the deeper meaning of their client interactions.


Typically, the first half of a supervision session is focused on client cases and the second half involves taking a deep look at what's coming up for you emotionally. Together we take a loving look at how your emerging inner life ties into the "mirror" of your current clients and the growth of your practice.



Group Supervision  


I also offer 2-3 group supervision sessions throughout the year to augment your individual sessions:


Two-hour group supervision sessions are organized in a study group format, and they focus on varying topics of learning pertaining to counselling theories, practices and styles.


Prepping for Your Group Session Includes:


1. Completing a short reading assignment prior to the meeting on a specific counselling theory or style, and forming an opinion about it.

2. Preparing a short teaching on what you are finding interesting, and are learning about the chosen focus topic.

3. Preparing one or two client case studies that relate to the chosen topic of interest - or sharing examples based on your life experience if you are a beginning counsellor.

4. Preparing a reflection upon how you personally relate to the counselling theory that is being explored.


* Note: No expertise is required re: the theories explored. This is a gentle learning group for new counsellors to bridge lived experience and learned knowledge. 

  • I'm a licensed and insured member of the Association of Cooperative Counsellors of Canada (ACCT) as a Masters level counsellor. (MTC)

  • I'm a Registered Counselling Supervisor with ACCT. (RCS)

Expressive Arts
  • I'm a Registered Consultant and Educator with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. (REACE)

  • I teach expressive art internationally online. See


Telephone: 403-929-4480

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