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What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is a powerful way to connect with the wisdom of your soul. Automatic writing can help you to loosen mental and emotional blocks and find innovative solutions to problems that you might have overlooked from your conscious mind.

And, if you have an emotional dilemma that you are struggling with, it is always helpful to see what your higher mind has to say. This intuitive form of writing is done in a trance-like meditative state that taps into your deeper unconscious, which is the doorway to your soul.

How to Connect to the Wisdom of Your Soul 1. Set aside a minimum of 30 minutes for this process. Sometimes you may only need a few minutes.

2. Create a sacred space, light a candle, listen to relaxing music or this guided meditation.

2. Have a pen and a notebook in front of you.

3. Write down a question that you want to ask. "What do I need to know today," is a good question to start with.

4. Deepen into a trance (slower brainwave state).

5. Empty your mind completely

6. Write intuitively and spontaneously.

Entering a Meditative Trance

Entering a trance state (theta brainwave state) is very useful because it facilitates the spontaneous flow of information.

Other ways to enter into a gentle dreamlike trance include listening to meditative music, sitting outside in nature, and deep breathing.

Once you feel ready, just begin to write, and let anything come. Don't worry if your writing does not make sense at first. Do not analyze as you write. If you find yourself judging your writing from your left logical mind, take some more time to deepen your trance in order to anchor into your right, intuitive brain.

Your Automatic Writing Practice

You might also feel inhibited when you first start writing, but with practice, your automatic (intuitive) writing will start to flow. Write until it feels time to stop, and review what you have written as soon as you have finished or later. Some of your writing might look like gibberish or poetry, but it will eventually become easier to understand.

Write down everything that comes in a stream of conscious fashion. Inspiration is often subtle. Eventually, you will learn to distinguish when your conscious mind (ego) is speaking, and when your subconscious emotional body is expressing. And, the sound of your soul/intuition will sound different as well.

You will know that you are writing purely from your soul because it feels spacious, clear, encouraging, honest, wise, present, calm and at peace. If your writing is anxious or defended it is likely coming from your ego mind, and if it is emotionally heavy it is likely coming from your subconscious emotional body.

With love,


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