Depth Therapy

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Our minds and bodies store unprocessed experiences from the past, and this influences how we feel and think. Depth therapy theorizes that the human psyche is a partially conscious and partially unconscious. Whatever we could not endure in the past continues to unconsciously "act out"despite our conscious efforts to control it. Societal, collective and archetypal "forces" also affect how we think and act.

How Does Depth Therapy Work?

A depth-oriented therapy session explores your current life events as well as your past experiences as they relate to your most pressing concerns and problems. Depth therapy sessions also considers your soul, your heart, your creativity and your intuition to be an essential part of your emotional healing process.

Techniques used in depth therapy to facilitate growth and change include:

Deep Questioning: Depth therapy addresses you as a whole person, body, emotions, mind and soul, and it involves the asking of warm and gentle, and also challenging and surprising questions. Depth-oriented questions support you to develop an increased understanding of "how you tick" inside. Once discovered, the unconscious negative motivations born from your challenging life experiences can be transformed into new life affirming patterns of living.

Spontaneous Art and Writing: If you are so inclined, expressive arts practices can support you to deepen self-awareness. An in-depth therapy session can feel like "wandering" into the unknown. Inviting forth conscious and unconscious dreams, thought and emotions to facilitates unknown, forgotten and repressed information that will support your healing.

Envisioning a Better Future: Therapy is a safe place to practice alternative and inspiring plans for action that transcend unhealthy patterns from the past. Understanding patterns from your past supports you to explore more unlimited future scenarios. Practicing new behaviours and ways of thinking in an atmosphere of loving acceptance can help you to change deeply ingrained emotional habits that have held you back for decades.

What Issues Can Depth Therapy Help You With?

Depth-oriented therapy has been shown to have long-lasting, significant results. It is suitable for individuals who want to more deeply explore their inner world to increase self-awareness on deep level, change entrenched negative psychological patterns, and heal emotional pain for good.

If you are experiencing difficulty understanding your life purpose, depth therapy can also help you to gain insight into how your unconscious conditioning holds you back from your highest possibilities. Anchoring a greater sense of your authentic self can liberate you out of self-limiting patterns and set you free to live a life free from familial, societal and cultural conditioning.

I invite you to explore an in-depth journaling process to heal your emotional pain HERE.

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