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Journal Prompt #7 - Resolving Fear

As humans, we carry many layers of fear in our body. Fear will often arise when you dread facing unresolved hurt from childhood. When your developmental needs were not met for safety/survival, bonding, self-esteem and healthy boundaries growing up, you will likely embed the generalized fear that your needs will ever be not met.

Fear embeds itself around your emotional wounds. When you become emotionally wounded, the painful event metaphorically becomes scabbed over with fear. The scab then becomes a defense. Defense mechanisms seal off and suppress the emotional pain you are afraid to process.

Resistance, anxiety, impatience, frustration, anger and rage are secondary emotional states that "sit on top" your vulnerable emotional pain and protect it from being seen and felt. Your defensive ego structure is built to avoid feeling the pain of your unprocessed wounds. You might do almost anything to prevent yourself from re-feeling past emotional pain. Yet, when you open up the wound and offer love to old hurts, you can heal.

Journal Exercise

Where do you feel fear in your body? Meditate on this particular "tone" of fear and write down any memories that come spontaneously to mind. We can gently explore these memories in your session.

With love,


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