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Journal Prompt # 6 - Resolving Rage

When you do not process your anger, rage arises. Rage is an uncontrollable, immediate response to an emotional trigger. Rage is a raw and primitive form of anger. If you did not have your needs met as a child, your accumulated upset can build into rage. Rage is a venting of stored anger.

Impulsive emotional reactions such as rage most often point to suppressed emotional needs from childhood. Rage provides an indication that a need was not met in the past, and it is not being made yet. Rage opens up an immediate window to process and work through deeply held trauma and undigested emotional issues from the past.

Journal Exercise

What enrages you so deeply, you are almost embarrassed to admit it? Write about an irrational rage that you are afraid to share with others, and we will gently explore this together in your session.

With love,


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